Yum! We love coffee @ the Bagel Co. and are committed to always searching out the perfect cup. We do coffee two ways, but we always start with fresh, organic fairly traded beans and a high volume, high efficency water filtration system to make our great tasting mountain water taste even sweeter.

Drip Coffee

We serve six types of drip coffee always hot and fresh, from two different local roasteries. We purchase two different bean blends which total up to eighty pounds weekly from Oso Negro which is a roasterie out of Nelson, British Columbia.

Prince Of Darkness coffee which as the name suggests is a dark roast, has what some have described as a cult following. The Prince has a rich flavor with a balanced acidity and seductive aroma and finishes clean on the palate.

The Full Organic Blend which is a medium roast with a sweet aroma, very low acidity and a smooth taste. This coffee is our best option to those people who love coffee but are unfortunate enough to have a sensitive stomach or are susceptible to heart burn.

We purchase up to another one hundred and twenty pounds weekly of our other four selections from local hometown Canmore roasterie Mountain Blends.

Our Bagel Blend which is another coffee with a cult following is our lightest roasted coffee available so there for is packed with the most caffeine and a nice acidity if you need a fix. With the caffeine along with its yeasty, fresh baked aroma and long smooth finish its understandable why this coffee is as popular as it is.

The Dark Ethiopian which is a darkly roasted single origin coffee from the mountainous highlands of Ethiopia. Boasting a robust flavor with hints of nutty spice that will stand strong no matter how sweet or creamy you take your coffee.

Fearless Climber, an extremely drinkable earthy sweet medium roast. This coffee is fast approaching cult popularity with a pleasant after taste and a body that is balanced and smooth for all day enjoyment yet with enough punchy wake-a-gogo kick to it for those early morning missions.

Buzzless Bean Decaf. Of course its Swiss Water Decaf which means natural and no chemicals involved in its production, just a leaching process that soaks the unroasted green beans in a water bath to extract the majority of the caffeine. These green beans are dried and purchased by Mountain Blends Coffee Roasters who roast them nice and dark to further decaffeinate the beans as the darker you roast a bean the less caffeine will remain.. The final result is a slightly sweet and very rich decaf that has great acidity and a smooth lingering grassy finish. This decaf is enjoyed by anyone who loves the flavor of coffee but cant have the caffeine or is concerned about not sleeping later that night but craving a cup of great coffee. Try it.


Espresso Coffee

We are very proud of our espresso which we have roasted by Mountain Blends Coffee Roasters and have two celebrities working for us to best extract its nectar. Enzo LaMarzocco is a dual hopper auto dose grinder made by LaMarzocco out of Italy, he insures that every shot is of the same weight and packed to the right pressure. We also have First Lady Veronica LaMarzocco who is a three group LaMarzocco GB5 espresso machine. Veronica is able to maintain an exact boiler temperature and pressure so no matter how much stress she's under every shot comes out perfect. Espresso coffee is as personal to your tasting preference as wine is, to us here at the Bagel Co. we like our espresso be rich and earthy sweet with subtle notes of cinnamon spice and dark chocolate. Our espresso has a big body so when we add milk for cappuccino or latte's the flavor stands strong, yet it is not over powering so if you like your espresso straight up, the delicate flavors come through.

We worked hard to develop our espresso and have created a four bean blend that contains medium dark roasted beans from Nicaragua and (Top Secret Location). From these two beans roasted this way we obtain a sweet spicy flavor. We then blend those two together with beans roasted medium light from (Top Secret Location) and Columbia which provide the rich and earthy dark chocolate body and Boom! Awesome coffee.